Miss Universe Thailand Wears Gown Made From Drink Can Tabs Inspired By Garbage Collector Parents

Miss Universe Thailand wears a gown made from drink can tabs and looks like a million dollars anyway

When the Miss Universe pageant returned for another year, all the attention was again on what beautiful women wore.

The national dress segment usually draws headlines, but Miss Universe Thailand stole the show with the evening dress segment.

That’s because she wore a gown made out of can tabs and still looked like a million bucks.

Source: Anna Sueangam-iam on Instagram

She said she was inspired by her childhood growing up with garbage collector parents.

Miss Universe Thailand grew up in trash

In a message posted on Instagram on Friday (January 13), Anna Sueangam-iam said she spent her childhood in mountains of trash and recyclables.

Born in Bangkok. His father is a garbage collector and his mother a street sweeper. She played with toys that other people had disposed of, she reported NextShark.

Because of that, she was called “Miss Trash” by her classmates.

But such humble beginnings helped teach her the value of recycling.

Source: Miss Universe Thailand on Instagram

Unique gowns custom-made for Miss Universe Thailand

A unique gown inspired by the familiar surroundings of her childhood was custom-made for the 24-year-old beauty queen by Thai fashion house Manilat.

Source: Miss Universe Thailand on Instagram

According to Miss Universe Thailand, it is made from recycled or upcycled discarded aluminum can tabs.

Source: Miss Universe Thailand on Instagram

The gown was infused with Swarovski crystals that add sparkle.

Source: Miss Universe Thailand on Instagram

Poor beginnings didn’t stop her from shining bright

Its creator said this was the first time she made a gown for a beauty pageant.

What’s special about making it is that she can highlight the wearer’s true personality so that the gown “connects spiritually” to her.

Sueangam-iam is “perfect” in dresses. Because despite a bad start in life, he shines bright like a diamond, earned a degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, and was voted Miss Her Universe His Thailand.

Source: Anna Sueangam-iam on Instagram

Hence, the dress was named “The Dress of Hidden Precious Diamonds”. This refers to the fact that what many might consider worthless actually has its own unique value and beauty.

Source: Miss Universe Thailand on Instagram

In the same way, Suangam Iam believes that people should not be trapped by the dark environment they were born into and should believe in their power to change their lives for the better.

The Miss Universe title went to America

Ultimately, the title of Miss Universe went to R’Bonney Gabriel of the United States, the first Filipino-American.

But Sueangam-iam is still proud of how far she’s come.

Miss Singapore Universe Carissa Yap wore a 3D-printed Vanda Miss Joaquim with petals forming the silhouette of Singapore for her national attire.

Source: Carissa Yap on Instagram

Congratulations to all the winners as we are proud of our respective countries.

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The featured image was taken from Instagram’s Anna Sueangam-iam and Instagram’s Miss Universe Thailand.

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