Milk Is Still Kurt Angle’s Favorite Drink But He’s Switched To Skim Milk Since His Knee Surgeries

Kurt Angle keeps fans updated on his milk drinking preferences.

Milk and Kurt Angle go together like milk and cookies. The character of Kurt Angle has become synonymous with milk over the years in WWE. Initially, when Kurt Angle arrived in WWE at the height of his Attitude Era, milk was used as part of his “Dorky” image. Kurt Angle intentionally, and sometimes accidentally, used milk to sprinkle milk on his opponents and their belongings.

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Kurt Angle, who recently appeared on the A2theK wrestling show, still enjoys cold moo juice, but revealed he needs to switch to skim milk since having knee surgery to keep his weight on.

“Well, I have a new knee replacement and I have to keep the weight down. I’m drinking. My favorite drink.” said Kurt.

Well then, everyone. Milk was Kurt Angle’s favorite drink, and he had to slowly work his way up to nonfat milk.

Most recently, on December 9, 2022, Kurt Angle was allowed to make people drink milk again on an episode of Friday Night SmackDown. This time it was Chad Gable and Otis from Alpha Academy.

Elsewhere on this podcast, Kurt Angle revealed that he is in talks to appear on WWE Raw’s 30th Anniversary Special on Monday, January 23rd. Please see here for the detail.

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