McDonald’s Worker Shares How Popular Iced Mocha Drink is Made

It went viral on TikTok after a McDonald’s employee stepped through how the company makes an iced mocha.

This video was uploaded by user Yanii (@kallme.yaniii) who usually posts content about working at McDonald’s. This time, she demonstrates to her 16,000 followers how her fast food chain makes iced her mocha.

“This is how we make iced mochas at our McDonald’s,” Yanny says, beginning the video by revealing a small clear cup filled with ice.

First, she tells me to put “three pushes of mocha into a small cup.” The camera then moves to the same cup under her coffee machine and tells the creator to press ‘Iced Drink’ and then ‘Small Iced Mocha’. The machine pours milk into cups. She stirs the contents with a spoon.

Yanii concludes the video with whipped cream on top of coffee, drizzled with chocolate sauce, and a lid on top.

@kallme.yaniii this is how to make iced mocha with #mcdonalds #fyp #trending #foryou #viral #tiktok #fyoupage ♬ Aesthetics – Tollan Kim

The video had more than 65,000 views as of Friday, with some viewers criticizing the machine’s cleanliness.

“What worries me more is the skin around that coffee machine!” pointed out one viewer.

“Milk and coffee filth is nasty asf,” said another.

“Mocay machine looks dirty and needs cleaning,” echoed another user.

“Bluff clean you all machine,” requested the user.

Others point to other “flaws” in the author’s process.

“The girls were unfazed the whole time,” one person wrote.

“Where are your gloves?”

Another wrote, “I put too much ice in it.”

According to the McDonald’s website, the iced mocha recipe is: ”

The Daily Dot reached out to Yanii for comment in a TikTok comment and McDonald’s press email.


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*First published: December 16, 2022 at 2:41 PM CST

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