Matt Hardy recalls Ric Flair talking Shawn Michaels into drinking on UK tour

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According to Matt Hardy, Ric Flair persuaded the reborn Shawn Michaels to have a drink during his 2007 UK tour.

Hardy recalls that Michaels “never did it then.”

In the latest John Cena-themed episode of Matt Hardy’s Extreme Life, Hardy recalled the incident.

Remember that match in England between John Cena and Shawn Michaels? It was like 48 minutes, 50 minutes or something.

Hardy appeared to be referring to the 56-minute match between Cena and Michaels on Raw on April 23 in London.rd2007.

Hardy continued:

Because I’ll never forget crazy Ric Flair, we all love crazy Ric Flair, right? Rick was awesome and I remember him being there that night. John, you are the champion. ’ And he said,

We were traveling abroad, so I was hanging out and I remember Ric keeping mentioning Shawn Michaels. Shawn was not drinking at this point.

Rick was there, constantly annoying Sean’s shit. He’s like, “Come on.” he said. Sean, you can have a drink. That doesn’t mean you’re the bad guy. You can have a drink. celebrate. You guys played a terrible game tonight. We played 50 minutes and did this and that.”

Rick finally takes Sean to a cave and has a drink, so we see him sitting there with a drink and old Sean coming out.

In a slurred voice, Hardy imitated a drunken Michaels.

“Look at you, for example, Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels wannabe.” He said, “People know I’m real.” he said. I mean, people always believe in me. Do you believe in me? ”

Hardy said the incident followed with Michaels telling Umaga:

“Look at the big guy here. Hey, I can trust you. People believe that if I superkick you, I can beat you with it.” Why don’t you try it now?” I remember saying. please. ”

Sean said. Come work with me, brother. I’m just working, I’m working ”

Hardy recalled:

“But it was funny because Jeff was just laughing. It was like, ‘This is so cool. Shawn Michaels is just giving me shit.’ I see it coming

It’s one of my favorite stories. Ric Flair, who plays the devil on his shoulders, said, “Come on, Sean. Just have a few drinks. It’s not going to kill you.”

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