Matcha, mocha and all things peppermint: Salon Food’s 8 favorite drinks to sip this holiday season

I don’t think I’ve ever worked in a newsroom not powered by coffee. The idea that journalism runs on caffeine is “journalists: 0% BS, 200% caffeine” and “warning: decaffeinated journalists work.”

That being said, it’s not all Black coffee and deadlines — So the Salon Food team decided to poll their colleagues about their favorite seasonal coffees. You know, there’s nothing more festive than burnt coffee swallowed during filing his story.

Looking at the answers, I’ve noticed that they can be easily grouped into three categories. There are those who keep it simple, those who prefer non-winter alternatives, and those (like me) who prefer iced coffee year-round, even on the most blizzard days of the year.

If you don’t have one yet, grab your own seasonal favorites and read along (maybe even give you some last-minute holiday gift ideas).


“I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to my drink preferences,” says senior writer Mary Elizabeth Williams. “But drinking Hot Apple Her Cider at Holiday Her Market in Union Square just as the sun is about to set at 4pm is exactly the moment I find a cute stocking stuffer.”

Salon Editor-in-Chief Erin Keen Keeps It Simple: ‘Never Spin'[ing] Wherever I am, let’s have a peppermint mocha in December,” says Senior Politics Writer Amanda Marcotte, who prefers to keep things more budget-friendly.

“It’s too cheap to get coffee at a coffee shop,” says Marcotte. “I make it at home.”

Non-winter options

Some say it’s peppermint, mocha, and white chocolate month, while other salon staff prefer drinks that evoke other seasons.

“I have a coffee intolerance, so I only drink tea, so I’m usually left out of the holiday drink game,” says cultural editor Han Nguyen. I was delighted to see they served their lattes with lavender honey (late February to early March only), which is exactly the same as in California!”

Meanwhile, Chief Sales Officer Justin Wall says Red Buffalo Coffee & Tea in Silverthorne, Colorado is also looking for the best seasonal flavors.

“This holiday season, they offered their own Pumpkin Spice flavor made from real pumpkins, which was a great addition to my Dirty Chai order,” said Wohl. increase.

year-round iced coffee drinker

Columnist Michael La Corte cites “Jack Frost,” which he found at New York City-based coffee chain Gregorys, as one of his favorite holiday tidbits. This is a very festive cold brew topped with peppermint pistachio milk cold his foam and sprinkled with candy cane his dust.

Further south in New Orleans, Nights and Weekends editor Kelly McClure has something. frozen heart top.

“You might be thinking coffee here, but my favorite holiday drink is Molly’s at the Market Frozen Irish Coffee,” says McClure. “Wait, that teeth coffee. Words are there and everything. end. It’s decided. ”

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As for me (Ashley Stevens, Deputy Food Editor), I will admit two truths here. The first is that for her 48 weeks of the year, I am a bit of a coffee lover.I’m hoping it’s a good local (and everytime ice). But then, during her final four weeks of the year, her love of all things holiday—marshmallows, mocha, and pieces—becomes indiscriminate.

Over the past few years, I’ve favored Dunkin’ Toasted White Chocolate Signature Latte and Starbucks’ Irish Cream Cold Brew, but this year I’m trying La Colombe’s Oatmilk Peppermint Mocha Latte. With 32 locations scattered across cities such as New York, DC, and Chicago, La Colombe has an excellent selection of seasonal canned coffees, including this refreshing mint and frothy winter wonderland.

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