Mardi Gras-inspired beers to drink on the parade route this year

Baton Rouge, La. A nice, cool, liquor-like drink.

All sorts of alcoholic beverages can be found along the parade route, including cocktails, shots, hard seltzer, hurricanes, Bloody Marys, wines, frozen daiquiris, and of course beer. There are many breweries in Louisiana, and many join the Carnival fun by offering seasonal options.

Mardi Gras-style sour beers, pilsners, and ales can be found at many Louisiana businesses at this time of year. These are the perfect accompaniment to the garnished float rolling and piping hot boiled crayfish.

Here is the list of bontan brews.

Live: Mardi Gras Bock

According to the brewery, this seasonal beer is brewed with pale, pilsner and caramel malts and German Pearl hops.

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Brew Carré: No Place for Pils on Mardi Gras Day

The brewery describes this as “a well-balanced pilsner with a sweet bready maltiness and a floral, zesty herbal quality from the hops.”

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Madbug Brewery: King Cake Ale

Ever wanted to have a king cake? Now you can. This Mardi Gras flavored beer is brewed with vanilla, cinnamon and lactose.

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Port Orleans Brewing Co.: Bacchus Blonde Ale

If you go to New Orleans to see the Bacchus parade, this beer is the place to go. This beer is described as a light-bodied blonde ale with mild malt flavors.

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Tin roof: flamingo splendor

This Pink Lemonade IPA pairs perfectly with the theme and costumes of Baton Rouge’s Spanish Town Parade.

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Tin Roof: Cry Baby Cream Ale

How does it taste? “Silk ribbons of vanilla beans and a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg bind sugar and spice together, while the addition of Cascade hops creates the perfect balance between a kiss of sweetness and a hearty cream ale,” Brewer said online. say.

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Urban South Brewery: Carnival Time

According to the brewery, this sour ale pairs well with Don Fung King cakes, fried chicken, and doubloons. This seasonal beer is available in 4-packs.

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Zony Mash: Mardi Gras Mystic Brew

This sour beer has been described as a canned Hurricane Daiquiri with sweet, tangy, juicy flavors.

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