Manhattan Detention Center guards axed for drinking on the job

Three Rikers security guards have been fired after a city judge ruled they were drinking alcohol while on duty at a Manhattan jail.

City prison officer Sylvester Wilson went to the prison restroom known as “The Toombs,” poured two 7-Eleven coffee cups with coconut-scented liquor, and poured it on colleagues Coryell Cameron and Chanel. Winfrey was found by Administrative Judge Kevin Casey.

The trio had been drinking after the deputy warden of the prison received a report from a detective that a policeman had been drinking while at work.

Evidence, including video footage and eyewitness interviews, proved the trio’s unsuccessful attempt to cover up the cocktail in June 2019. A judge’s ruling announced Monday.

Casey recommended that Wilson be fired for drinking at work, tampering with evidence, and using excessive force in another case. recommended a 50-day suspension and noted that her disciplinary record was intact.

Despite the judge’s recommendation, DOC Commissioner Luis Molina told the Post that all three officers had been fired.

“These officers have violated the trust of the City and their pledge to work with integrity. Upon review of OATH’s recommendations, the behavior of the other two officers was unacceptable and was dismissed. I decided that it was,” says Molina. “It is of utmost importance that we maintain public trust as civil servants.”

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