Man tries to pass drink drive sobriety test by doing a backflip in front of police

Police regularly administer sobriety tests to drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, but in this case, when one suspect decided to do a backflip to pass the test, The policeman was astonished.

Tanner Watson decided to show off her acrobatic skills after being stopped by a police officer for speeding in Broadview Heights, Ohio on November 23rd.

His driving was described as “pretty bad”, his eyes were “very shiny”, and officers noticed they could “smell booze” from Tanner and wanted to test him.

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A 27-year-old man who admitted to drinking three or four beers was told to get out of his car and complete a breathalyzer test.

Watson had other ideas, but decided to perform a backflip for a cop who was pretty impressed with the stunt.

“Good for you,” the officer can be heard saying on body camera footage. “I can’t do that, please tell me.”

However, the skill was not enough to pass the test, and he still had to walk straight. About this he decides to argue with the police.

“I don’t know what a straight line is,” replied the officer, but there was no straight line. “I think that’s pretty solid evidence.”

In the end, Tanner was charged with speeding and driving with a motor vehicle disability (OVI).

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