Make the tastiest coquito cocktail recipe for Christmas

Holiday Coquito by Casa Sensei.

Holiday Coquito by Casa Sensei.

Holiday Coquito by Casa Sensei.

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What’s a great Christmas cocktail? Is it the sweet syrup of saccharine that gives it that green and red look? What makes it all taste like candy canes is a generous pour of creme de mens is that? Or maybe it’s a hot, spiced drink sipped slowly by a warm fireplace.

Cultures around the world have traditions associated with Christmas, and one that has gained popularity in the United States is the Puerto Rican coquito. A creamy coconut-based cocktail made with rum, coconut milk, coconut cream and fresh spices. Although called Puerto Rican eggnog, most recipes do not contain eggs.

This coquito recipe is from Casa Sensei, a Japanese-Latin fusion restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. Pour the entire recipe into a cocktail shaker and pour into a coupe glass or snifter. The restaurant’s recipe calls for spiced rum and Baileys Irish cream, with a dash of vanilla vodka. Topped with fresh cinnamon and fresh nutmeg for a smooth and delicious holiday cocktail.

Holiday Coquito Casa Sensai.jpg
Holiday Coquito by Casa Sensei.

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