Maha woman forced to drink water with human bones powder, ashes to conceive

Pune: In a bizarre example of superstition, a married woman was forced to drink water mixed with human bone powder and ash to help her conceive, police said Saturday.

The victim, aged about 27, filed a complaint with the Singad Police Department, which took action and arrested the woman’s husband, Jayant Kokale, her parents, her brother and three others for torture, investigator Jayant Rajulkar said. I was.

At the same time, with serious attention, Rupali Chakankar, chairman of the Maharashtra State Women’s Commission, called for a detailed report on the shocking allegations.

According to Inspector Rajurkar, the woman married the accused in 2019 and a strange black magic ritual was initiated by her family after she reportedly had a failed pregnancy.

In the complaint, the women allege they were forcibly taken to a crematorium, bathed in a strange water mixture, and made to drink water allegedly mixed with powdered human bones and ashes.

The family also repeatedly demanded money from her and was tired of all the harassment.

“Currently, in connection with their divorce proceedings, the victim has filed a detailed complaint with the police, in which she describes her ordeal, how she used black magic, superstitions, and practices during her stay with her husband. It explains how you were exposed to other behaviors under the law,” Rajurkar told IANS.

The Singad Police took the victims’ complaints seriously, arrested several members of the Kokate clan on various charges under the relevant laws, and made additional charges, including possible involvement of local godmen (tantriks) and black magicians. We are investigating.

For her part, MSCW chief Chakankar has called for strict good conduct by the Pune police to ensure that similar blind beliefs are not repeated by anyone in the future.

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