MAFS’ Nicole Lilienthal admits to husband Christopher Thielk she used to ‘drink a lot’ & struggled with anger issues

“Married at First Sight” star Nicole Lillenthal told her new husband, Christopher Tealk, that she was partying a lot and suffered from a short temper before moving to Nashville.

The US Sun has exclusive access to a clip of Chris wondering if “old Nicole” will be a marital issue ahead of tonight’s episode.


MAFS wife Nicole Lilenthal confided in her new husband Christopher Sialk about her past partyingCredits: lifetime
Chris' wife spoke out about 'old Nicole' who was 'always drinking'


Chris’ wife spoke out about ‘old Nicole’ who was ‘always drinking’Credits: lifetime

Nicole started the conversation by discussing her troubled past.

She began: “This takes me back to the days I call old Nicole.”

Chris asked: “What is Old Nicole?”

His new wife explains:

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“I was always going to bars and just drinking and really living it. When I turned 28, that was when my personal growth journey began.”

“Moving to Nashville was part of that. Ever since we moved, I’ve called her New Nicole…”

Nicole raised her hand to frame her face.

Chris, who had listened intently to his new wife, stopped and mocked her hand gestures, framing his face and smiling.

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She said: “I know, I don’t know why I do it. I find it cute – you don’t like it. I probably won’t stop.”

He said: “That’s cute.”

Chris continues:

“Well, it’s not that I don’t care. If I know I’m right, I’ll fight for it.”

Nicole said: “I am with you.”

Chris confessed: “But it takes me a lot to get annoyed.

Nicole asked: “Does it bother you to lose your cool a little easier than that? To be honest, you’re not going to be offended?”

Old or New Nicole

The MAFS star replied: “I don’t know. I mean, I honestly don’t know. Right now, I’m not going to take it.”

She replied: “You shouldn’t, okay.”

In his confession, Chris said:

“It’s definitely something that’s deep down in my heart and I pay attention to it.”

Chris concludes:

“I don’t want to be in a situation where you let your emotions get the best of you,” Chris said to Nicole.

Broke Bride

Earlier this month, The US Sun reported that Nicole had filed for bankruptcy and owed $95,000 to creditors before marrying Chris.

According to court documents obtained by The US Sun, Nicole filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy several years before she said she would.

The Queens native applied in November 2018 to the Southern District of New York, where she lived before moving to Nashville.

In a voluntary petition, she confirmed that she owed “50-99” creditors at the time.

Regarding the total debt she owed to her creditors, she wrote that the amount totaled $94,656.

She also said she filed with the court that her assets totaled $4,912 and her monthly income was $4,207.

At the time, she had $18,501 left to pay off her student loans, documents say.

expensive taste

When breaking down her debt, she detailed that she owed money to various banks, including $17,252 to Chase Bank and $10,668 to Bank of America.

She also had outstanding credit cards from brands such as Banana Republic ($8,169) and Macy’s ($1,394).

Other stores she took credit for included American Eagle, Bloomingdale’s, Express, Lord & Taylor, and TJ Maxx, according to the document.

Nicole was working as Senior Marketing Manager for Time Out Group, LLC at the time of her application.

According to her LinkedIn, she currently works at Compass as a senior marketing advisor.

Nicole was granted immunity in August 2019. This means that personal responsibility for the debt owed has been removed and a relief order has been issued.

Later that same month, the lawsuit was dismissed.

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When asked for comment, Nicole told the US Sun: However, $95,000 and his 50 creditors are inaccurate and completely unfounded.

“Needless to say, I now have great credit, no debt, no credit cards, no car loan. I’ve had no problems since. I’ve had to think and worry for the last nearly five years. It is not.”

Nicole claims her past is behind her, and she's embarked on a journey of self-growth since moving to Nashville


Nicole claims her past is behind her, and she’s embarked on a journey of self-growth since moving to NashvilleCredits: lifetime
Chris wondered if Nicole's old personality was an obstacle to their marriage


Chris wondered if Nicole’s old personality was an obstacle to their marriageCredits: lifetime
The US Sun previously reported that Nicole filed for bankruptcy while living in New York


The US Sun previously reported that Nicole filed for bankruptcy while living in New YorkCredits: lifetime

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