Logan Paul’s PRIME sports drink reselling for WAY more on eBay

Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul has been in a frenzy lately over the failed CryptoZoo project, but demand for his PRIME sports drink still seems to be high.

The PRIME sports drink, which Paul started with fellow YouTuber KSI, will launch in 2022.

The first to open stores in the UK and US, consumers queued up to purchase their beverages. Demand has been so high that all 7 of his flavors on the website are currently sold out.

Sellers seem to be trying to capitalize on demand, reselling on sites like eBay for huge markups. Flavors like Meta Moon, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, and Ice Pop can run as much as $250 a bottle, especially when you factor in factors like taxes and shipping.

NetVoucherCodes, a UK-based savings team, looked at what it costs to buy different flavors from Canada, the US, and the UK, and what some of the price increases look like.

For comparison, discount retailer Aldi stocked the drink for just £1.99. That’s about $3.24 a bottle for him in Canada.

The site found that the most expensive bottle cost a whopping $281, it was the PRIME sports drink blue raspberry flavor.

In some cases, shipping from the US can be 3 times the price of the actual product, so a $40 marked-up case of 12 bottles is $120.

Prices are all over the place, so it seems to depend on how desperate you are to finally try this drink, how much you crave it, and what your favorite flavor is. For Blue Raspberry or New Strawberry Watermelons (which currently cost over $100 for a 12-pack), you may have to fork out quite a bit of cash.

Paying $250 for a 12-pack of Meta Moon seems high to us, but everyone is different.

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