Local Limelight: Max Trujillo, director of Craften Neighborhood Food and Drink

Photo Illustration: Axios Visuals. Photo credit: Max Trujillo

Max Trujillo is Director of Operations for Craften Neighborhood Food and Drink and co-host of the North Carolina Food & Beverage podcast.

Here are some Trujillo’s Triangle favorites:

🍽 Favorite places to eat in the Triangle: Lawrence BBQ.

  • “I dream about that menu too often,” Truzil told Zak.

📚 Last great book he read: “Last Call” by Brad Thomas Parsons.

🐿 How did I get to the Triangle?: “My wife and I were looking for a better place to raise our family. California just didn’t do it for us anymore.”

🏈 The first thing I read when I wake up in the morning: his “failed” fantasy football score. Axios of course.

🥟 What the Triangle is MissingThere are: dim sum, late-night independent eateries, MLB teams, great Italian delis, some sort of legit bakery, and the big three downtown areas.

📺 how he relaxes: playing the guitar and “busting good TV”.

✨ What he is looking forward to: Open his next two Craften locations.

🏔 His favorite vacation spot: High Hampton Resort in Cashiers, North Carolina.

  • In the world, Dordogne, France.

🎧 Favorite episodes of his podcast: Key highlights include a two-part podcast with Scott Crawford, a behind-the-scenes look at the James Beard Awards, an episode of the Outer Banks Softshell Crab, and a deep dive with Preety Worth.

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