Lizzo went day drinking with Seth Meyers and revealed her most-denied rider request

Lizzo and Seth Meyers midnight The host’s usual daily drinking segment, playing drinking games and mixing drinks that were definitely not designed to be mixed. Making a drink isn’t the best idea. did you know who?

“Grrrls: Who needs to throw up after a long night of drinking when you can drink Grrrls?” Lizzo said, doing her best to sell the unholy concoction. “This literally tastes like vomit.”

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The duo laugh more and more in the 17-minute video, with Myers challenging Lizzo to refrain from laughing at his “Nognog” joke, and Lizzo mistaking a crew member for actor Paul Rudd. They also played a drinking game based on “Truth Hurts”. I had to take a shot unless I answered the question honestly.

“Weirdly enough, it’s not silly, but I got this reaction a lot,” Lizzo said, “we travel with so many women. [that] I put a tampon on the rider. And sometimes we didn’t get them. [organising this]? ”

For his part, Myers chose to take a shot rather than reveal the most famous penis he’s ever seen in person.

“No!” Lizzo yelled. “Are you kidding? Have you seen the famous penis?”

“Or I love alcohol,” Myers said. “Or maybe I like alcohol too much, so I’ve seen a lot of celebrities.”

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