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Serial entrepreneur Michelle Cordeiro Grant brings her digital-first brand-building talent to the wellness space, launching the first clean energy drink created by women. Her mission, she said, is to “make health fun.”

“I came out of the pandemic and was taking six supplements a day and realized my stomach hurt every time I did it,” Grant told WWD of his personal interest in wellness. “I started messing around with different ways to get powders, candies, and supplements. [also] I sipped my coffee, sipped my tea and wondered where the inflection point in all this was.Later with my family in Florida, I saw that everyone had these cans. It looked very out of place at times. [for alternatives] Then the light bulb went out. ”

Michelle Cordeiro Grant

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Energy drinks are on everyone’s hands in America, she said, likening it to the feeling she had when she created Lively. It’s growing at a rate of 9% and has $12 billion in sales in the US alone. “What started as a product for intense fitness performance has now evolved into a necessity for everyday life.”

Importantly, she said, Gorgey represents more than just energy, it represents the culmination of fashion, fitness, wellness and community.

Because, according to Grant, Gorgey is “passionate, purposeful, and confident.” The name Gorgey comes from Grant’s frequent use of the phrase “gorgeous human”. This is because she expects all of her “gorgeous human” followers to participate in building the brand.

After recognizing the huge white space, Grant began crowdsourcing the opinions of the community. Step 1 was an open ask poll conducted on Instagram Polls where followers shared their wants and needs. Gorgie quickly gained her community online. According to Grant, it’s a brand built by followers and friends driven by a community. Step two was his TikTok conversation, discussing everything from visuals and flavors to the most glamorous names.

In August 2022, Gorgie produced the first samples. Labor shared this drink on his TikTok the weekend before his day, and in less than three weeks he has garnered 100,000 likes.


“The intensity was showing that people were into this,” said Grant. “When I say community, that’s what I really do. The precipices of the best brands have to be timely and timeless. When you look at your Gorgie can, you’ll see your profile picture and benefits.”

According to Grant, what stood out in the comments was the importance of experience. Understanding this need, Gorgie’s Rewards Program is designed to reward people who share their brand on social media. Points can be used to win tickets to hosted events and gated opportunities such as disco-her parties.

Created by women and with women’s health needs in mind, Grant is delighted that this drink is truly for everyone. Available in three flavors of Electric Berry. Available online this month, he’s $38 for 12 cans, and at select Whole Foods, Grant told WWD that this was just the beginning and he’s excited the community will continue the journey. said there is.

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