Limerick shop issues update after requests to stock Prime drink

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The Limerick shop issued an update after a customer requested Prime inventory.

Launched by KSI and Logan Paul in 2022, prime energy drink Since then, it has been sought after by many people.

A video of the chaotic scene of crowds trying to buy the popular drink has been circulating online, but it’s also selling at a premium online because restocks sell out so quickly.

one Limerick shop I am receiving Overwhelming number of messages from customers asking to stock up on energy drinks.”

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Croom’s Broderick’s SPAR Issued an update to the customer stating why they don’t stock Prime.

Padraig and team wrote:

“However, after careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision not to carry it. We understand that every euro matters, and we value your hard-earned money. Our goal is to ensure that every product we offer provides value for you and your budget.

“That’s why we can’t justify charging €12-14 for a single Prime. Ultimately, our number one priority is to provide you, our valued customer, with the best possible value. am.”

Management thanked customers for their understanding and said there would be no Prime available at the store unless drink prices “do not drop dramatically” in the future.

“Unless prices drop significantly in the future, you won’t find Prime in our store. But rest assured, we will continue to seek out and offer the best products at affordable prices.

“Thank you for understanding our reasons behind this decision.”

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