Letter to the Editor: Every Glass of Milk We Drink Perpetuates Cruel Cycle of Abuse

South of Interstate 5 between Seattle and Tacoma, the “WhereIsMyMother.com” sign reminds us of the heartbreaking realities of the dairy industry and how mother cows and their calves are used to provide animal dairy products to consumers. shows what endures.

The livestock industry goes to great lengths to keep the horrors of dairy farming a secret.

Just like humans, cows form a strong bond with their babies and produce milk only to nourish them.

In the dairy industry, dams are forced to impregnate, calves are weaned immediately after birth, and mothers are confined and fed milk replacer while milk is collected for human consumption.

This process is repeated each year until the mother can no longer continue producing, after which she is sent for slaughter.

Sadly, female offspring are forced to live the same life as their mothers, while males are confined to small crates and raised for their calves.

Every glass of milk we drink perpetuates this cruel cycle of abuse. By choosing non-dairy milk and alternative milk products, we are directly participating in building a kinder, more caring world.

I am encouraged by this awareness campaign and look forward to more such campaigns in the future.

Karin Malone


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