LAPD Reminds Officers Not to Drink and Drive After 7 Arrests – NBC Los Angeles

In the past two weeks alone, seven LAPD officers have been arrested on suspicion of DUI or other alcohol-related incidents, including at least three officers for more than double the legal limit, the LAPD said. officials confirmed to the NBC4 I-Team. .

Some of those arrested were injured as a result of road accidents, but the LAPD has not released details about when or where the arrests occurred or the severity of their injuries.

The crashes and arrests prompted the department commander to send an email over the weekend warning officers that driving while intoxicated was dangerous, and warned them that driving while intoxicated was dangerous. Don’t put your life or career in jeopardy! ”

A LAPD spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Officials who confirmed the information were not authorized to speak publicly about the incident.

For years, the LAPD has had a problem with police officers driving under the influence of alcohol after hours. Some department officials blame the inconsistent punishment of officers caught in action and the competence of nearly all first-time offenders. Punishment may be avoided by admitting that you have a substance abuse problem and agreeing to participate in treatment.

Unlike the California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which have specific disciplinary consequences for misconduct such as DUI arrests, each LAPD case is handled on an individual basis. When the I-Team first began investigating his DUI case in his LAPD officer in 2018, punishments ranged from a written reprimand to dismissal, with most officers arrested for his DUI but suspended. , but the duties were maintained.

In 2017, an off-duty LAPD officer allegedly driving under the influence caused a high-speed collision on the 605 freeway in Santa Fe Springs, killing a young man and his parents. is awaiting trial on three counts of murder.

In 2018, an off-duty Van Nuys district officer veered off the Northbound 14 Freeway in Palmdale while under the influence of alcohol and collided with a parked car. Two people in the parked car were seriously injured. Officers said he pleaded guilty to one charge in a plea bargain in 2021 and remained on his LAPD payroll in 2022, according to City records.

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