KSI Fires Back at Gordon Ramsay After He Slammed Prime Drink in Review

KSI has finally responded to Gordon Ramsay after his scathing review of the Prime drink last week (January 12, 2023). Having seen the world-famous chef and restaurateur attack Prime in a Heart Radio interview, he said drinking the flavors of Tropical Punch was “like swallowing perfume” and that this He stated that if the drink was served at Savoy, he would be fired.

KSI responds to 0/10 review of Gordon Ramsay’s Prime Energy Drink

Before watching the clip, KSI predicted Gordon Ramsay’s Prime Review: It’s Gordon Ramsay, he hates anything that’s not his own.

“It’s like the dregs of Gino Da Campo Tiramisu,” Ramsay laughed after taking a sip of Prime before questioning the meaning of the comment. I said “wow” in response to Ramsay’s score of 0/10. KSI then urged chefs to “try other flavors,” stating that “you may like new flavors,” which are strawberry and watermelon primes.

Prime is the result of a collaboration between KSI and fellow content creator Logan Paul. Since its launch, the drinks have flown off the shelves, and we’re building up our inventory so we can resell our products for higher profits. The current range includes a variety of flavors advertised as “hydration” beverages. There are also plans to release a new “Prime Energy” drink in the coming months by the end of 2023.

In other news, YouTuber attorney Tom announced that he was taking legal action against Logan Paul on behalf of many of CryptoZoo’s investors, and Andrew Tate broke his silence on human trafficking accusations, stating “the evidence does not exist,” he was found guilty.

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