Korean Blogger Travels To India To Enjoy This Desi Drink, Video Goes Viral

Indian cuisine is highly regarded by foodies around the world. Many Indian dishes are making inroads into the world’s taste buds, eventually gaining the credit and recognition they deserve. When it comes to drinks, India has a lot of variety. From frothy charsu to refreshing kokum sorbet, you’ll find plenty of drinks across the country. And now a Korean blogger has confessed his love for such a desi drink. Blogger Kim Jaehyun is from South Korea and recently visited India and enjoyed a classic refreshing drink when he landed. what was it? Nothing but sugarcane juice or “Gannekarasu”. Watch the full video here.

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“The first thing I did when I arrived in India,” the blogger wrote in the video’s caption. In the clip, we could see Kim Jaehyun documenting his trip around the country. He landed in the countryside, took several buses and bicycles, and finally reached a sugar cane juice stall in Maharashtra. The vendor handed him a cup of delicious drink. He gulped it down in one gulp. He also tried chewing on sugar cane sticks in true desi fashion.

A video of a Korean blogger enjoying sugarcane juice was flooded with hundreds of grateful comments. Moved to Korea, Koreans are moved to India, but we are literally happy to see you!” A few others gave some suggestions for bloggers to try different Indian foods. I will never forget you,” said one user, while another suggested, “Go to Northeast India, you’ll love it!”

What did you think about the Korean blogger’s viral video? Let us know in the comments. On the other hand, if you want to know the health benefits and recipes for desi drink sugarcane juice, click here.

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