Khan on Electoral College vote: I’ll drink water and mind my business


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Senior Attorney Israel Khan.-

Hours after he was not elected the republic’s next president, senior adviser Israel Khan said he was not particularly surprised by the results of the Electoral College vote and was going to drink water and watch his job. I’m here.

When contacted for comment on Friday, Khan said he feels he has done his part in the democratic process and intends to do it one day at a time.

While congratulating president-elect Christine Kangaroo on her new role, he also hoped she would perform her official duties impartially, adding that she would be closely monitored.

“I believe I have done my duty as a citizen by agreeing to be a candidate in line with the democratic principles of the country. There was an election and I lost.

“Now I’m going back to full practice, drinking water and concentrating on my work.

“I hope she’s in this position now. I want her to be neutral and impartial and carry out her duties. We haven’t seen that yet.

“So she comes from the pocket of the PNM party and I think she will be watched closely by the opposition and the country at large. So we will see how she does.”

Asked if he would be interested in returning to the presidential nomination in the future, Khan said it was unlikely.

“I am 77 years old.

“At the moment I’m not a young person. I need another candidate, so I’ll see what I’m doing when the time comes. But I’m in pre-retirement mode right now.”

On January 7, opposition parties endorsed Khan as their presidential candidate.

On January 9, the prime minister rejected Khan’s nomination at a press conference, claiming he was an UNC activist.

Khan denied this, describing it as “a blatant lie”.

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