Keep Strawberry Stems And Leaves For Your Next Favorite Drink Infusion

Strawberries are one of America’s most popular fruits, but due to heavy spring rains in California in 2022 (according to NBC), about 75% of the country’s berries were produced (according to the University of Illinois). ) has been hit hard by inflation. expansion). As a result, strawberries can be quite expensive unless they are in season.

The first thing most people do when preparing a pile of fresh strawberries is to cut off the tops and remove the stems. This also cuts off part of the berry itself. Since the fruit you cut is edible, this is basically throwing your money in the trash. You can save a bit of fruit if you try the trick of sticking it with a straw like in the Test Kitchen. Alternatively, you can cut the strawberry tops and stems and infuse them into your drink guilt-free. Prevent waste and get a bonus boost of flavor in your glass. The tops of strawberries, including the leaves and stems, actually pack a lot of good strawberry flavor and can be harvested by simply soaking them in water, vinegar, simple syrups, and spirits.

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