Kardashian critics mock Kim’s ‘nasty’ morning drink they suspect she sips hot beverage just to fit her ‘aesthetic’

Kim Kardashian has been accused of sharing a morning drink many fans find disgusting.

The Kardashian star has been inspired to bag her crude tea routine.


Kim Kardashian was slammed for her bizarre morning drinkCredit: Instagram/@chrisappleton1
The reality star shared her morning charcoal tea


The reality star shared her morning charcoal teaCredit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

Kim, 42, shared a photo of her unusual gray drink to her Instagram story.

A strange colored liquid was steaming out of a transparent mug.

At the bottom of the photo, she says, “Charcoal tea this morning.

“Charcoal” was actually a special form known as activated charcoal, which had been heated to increase its ability to absorb toxins.

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Kim has long been a drink connoisseur.

Users claim it helps detox, but scientists aren’t convinced.

Fans of the reality star are equally skeptical, sharing their concerns in the Reddit chat room.

One person commented, “That’s awful,” while another added, “It looks like water after washing a paintbrush.”

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A third lamented, “It’s going to be another day in (Kim’s) universe that I’ll never understand.”

A fourth respondent confessed, “Despite the health benefits, this looks ugly and doesn’t taste good.”

tea time

Kim is certainly a fan of her tea, and daughter North recently shared her mother’s secret stash.

The 9-year-old showed supporters on TikTok how she made tea using Kim’s $100 kettle.

In the video, the minor was served an unknown tea mixed with Bigelow brand chamomile tea.

At the beginning of the short clip, North hurriedly opened the drawer to retrieve a tea bag.

The kitchen drawers contained at least 15 drawer compartments, apparently containing several different brands of tea, including Bigelow, Yogi, and Traditional Medicinals.

Not to mention that the kitchen space also seemed to have glass jars filled with special sweeteners and unwrapped tea bags with no names.

After pouring a hot drink into a glass mug from tea accessories company Viva, North added honey to the tea.

all about family

Kim isn’t the only Kardashian with a tea obsession.

Earlier this year, Kris Jenner threw a lavish tea party at her $27 million mansion in Calabasas.

Daughter Kourtney posted a snap of her lavish luncheon with her mother, film producer Courtenay Semel, on her Instagram story.

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The TV personality took pictures of the gorgeous china teapots and teacups, plates and beautiful tables filled with delicious mini cakes.

Pastel pink tulips are placed on the sides to brighten up the tea party.

Fans claim charcoal tea helps flush out toxins


Fans claim charcoal tea helps flush out toxinsCredit: kimkardashian/TikTok
Daughter North shared Kim's tea collection


Daughter North shared Kim’s tea collection
Mommer's Kris Jenner recently hosted a tea party


Mommer’s Kris Jenner recently hosted a tea party

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