John Fury finally tried KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink, it’s the greatest reaction yet

John Fury tasted KSI and Logan Paul’s popular Prime Energy Drink in an Instagram video.

Both supermarket chains are seeing a surge in demand thanks to their popularity online. The rarity of this product also led to the birth of Wakey Wines, a word of mouth sensation, who sold the drink at a high price.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer teamed up with Premier League leaders Arsenal to serve drinks during the match at the Emirates Stadium.

If you’re reading this, chances are you didn’t get your hands on the elusive fluorescent bottle worth gold for now.

Luckily, big John Fury came to the rescue. WBC heavyweight champion Tyson and his Fury father recorded a video for to accurately analyze the taste. You can check out the video above.

Fury is not afraid to speak his mind on any topic. Naturally, that extends to his opinion on drinks as well. The purpose of the video is to compare Prime to Tyson’s own Furocity energy drink brand.

“This is what the craze is all about,” Fury said as he held the bottle up to the camera. “Taste it, John Fury. Let’s see.”

The reaction everyone was waiting for. (Image credit: Gypsyjohnfury/Instagram)

He unscrewed the top to sniff the drink. First impression was not good. “It smells shocking,” he admitted. Fury then took a sip of the drink and to his surprise spat it out on the floor.

“No! I won’t put it in my mouth,” he declared. “I’m sorry, but that’s grotesque. It’s not worth it…you couldn’t pay me fiber to drink it.

“It was horrible. Can you move on then? It was garbage. What was it, cat piss in the jar?

“It tasted like dog pu**, cat pu**, camel pu**. I tried it and said let’s move on. Furocity is what you want No. It tastes right and there’s more in it!”

Anger was unimpressed.  (Image credit: GypsyJohnFury/Instagram)
Anger was unimpressed. (Image credit: GypsyJohnFury/Instagram)

He always intended to stand fairly for his son’s products. Interestingly, Fury’s younger son, Tommy, is set to finally face Logan’s brother, Jake, in a boxing match in February.

The match has been called off twice so far, but it looks like it’s finally settled. Fury’s partner Molly May Hague is due to give birth to the couple’s first child next month.

Paul called the fight into question Wednesday night by tweeting, “Stop the horses. Man is having a baby.”

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