John Cena having drink thrown in his face by Nikki Bella after beer pong game

Most people don’t have the guts to throw a beer in the face of 16 hours. wrestling world champion John CenaBut then again, Nikki Bella isn’t most people!

In this hilarious clip from Total Divas, Nikki Bella angrily throws a beer in John Cena’s face after losing an intense game of beer pong with his then-partner.

In all fairness to Bella, we can totally understand why she threw one of her iconic red plastic beer cups in Cena’s face.

John Cena vs Nikki Bella at Beer Pong

Cena took on the challenge dressed as a college boy with two beer crates, and he was sledding Bella the whole time as the game continued.

And despite taking an impressive early lead, Cena’s sledding and taunts seemed to win over Bella.

Two degrees WWE Divas Champion angrily revealed to viewers:

WWE: Nikki Bella throws drink in John Cena’s face after beer pong match

Bella was competitive and continued to display a competitive personality.

Frustrated by Cena’s hilarious antics, Bella crouched and complained to Cena.

At the beginning of the video, Bella says: Ready to take to John! ”

Cena, on the other hand, claimed to have never lost a beer pong game, and despite being well behind at one point, eventually won a game against Vera, giving him an impressive beer pong record. continued.

Video: Nikki Bella throws beer in John Cena’s face

When Cena started singing and dancing in celebration, Nikki Bella decided to throw the last beer in Cena’s face instead of drinking it.

Later, when Bella storms out of the room, clearly angry, Cena makes a simple “Motherf*****” remark as she stands drenched in beer.

The clip makes for hilarious viewing and is pure gold from Cena. Then he actually wins. It’s the true definition of never giving up. ”

“It was pretty funny when John Cena did the replay. I was laughing so hard”, “John was devastated”, “I laughed so hard when John did the replay”, “Cena killed me with this” Did”, “This will always be funny” ” There were a few comments from viewers, but all of them clearly loved it.

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