Jailed drink-driver who killed island vet has application for transfer to France refused

The ‘arrogant’ driver who killed the island’s veterinarian after a drinking session lost a legal bid to serve the rest of his prison sentence in France.

Thomas Wainwright, 29, was sentenced to 12 years in prison after being convicted of driving a high-powered Maserati sports car to kill Theresa Wade.

In 2017, Wainwright was convicted of driving dangerously on the A849 in Craignure, Isle of Mull on October 28, 2015, resulting in the death of Miss Wade.

A Glasgow High Court ruled that he was traveling at speeds of up to 95 mph just prior to the head-on collision.

Thomas Wainwright. Photo: Universal News And Sport (Scotland).

At the time of the collision he was driving 69 mph. His speed was recorded with equipment attached to a hired Maserati.

8 hour drinking party hearing

The court heard how Wainwright spent eight hours in an island pub drinking whiskey and cider before getting behind the wheel.

KC Judge John Morris, who sentenced him to 12 years in prison, told Wainwright that he was “arrogant,” “ridiculously speeding” and “demonstrated no remorse.” .

After the incident, it was revealed that Wainwright was a British citizen and had spent most of his life in France.

In January 2018, Wainwright applied to the Scottish government for permission to return to France to serve the remainder of his term.

A court in the French Riviera town of Grasse subsequently approved the request. However, it approved a reduction in prison sentences for drunk drivers to 10 years, the longest in the country for Wainwright’s crimes.

Teresa Wade. Photo: Crown Office.

This prompted Scottish ministers to refuse Wainwright’s move to France.

The minister told Wainwright that this was because his term had been “significantly cut” and that if he continued his term in Scotland, he would be released before he was released.

This prompted Wainwright’s lawyers to seek judicial review of the minister’s decision at Edinburgh’s Sessions Court, as the client believed his human rights had been violated.

the lawyer insisted that he should have been transferred

Wainwright’s lawyers argued that it was illegal for ministers to follow correct procedures in making decisions and not to transfer him to France.

But in a ruling issued by the court on Wednesday, Judge Lady Carmichael rejected a submission to her by Wainwright’s legal team.

Mrs. Carmichael wrote: And we have the right to take it into account.

“I am not happy that the minister acted illegally without any consideration.

At the crash site of Charles Pease and his partner Teresa Wade, Mal’s sole veterinarian. Image: DC Thomson.

As far as Mr. Wainwright’s rehabilitation in France is concerned, the relevant considerations, or generally the humanitarian considerations provided by the transfer.

They had the right to take into account factors that Mr. Weinwright considered to be more important than the benefits of undergoing rehab in France. ”

Wade’s partner, Charles Pease, said it was right for Wainwright to serve his sentence in the country where he committed the crime.

He told the Daily Record that the impact this has had on her family has been very difficult.

A 67-year-old woman said:

“He then tried to blame Teresa, who died as a result of his actions. With no hint of remorse, his desire to return to France is entirely up to him.

“The impact this has had on Teresa’s family is very serious. Hmm.

Police image after the accident. Photo: Crown Office.

“It would be a waste of time to return to France to finish his sentence. He should serve his sentence here in Scotland, where he committed the crime, however difficult it may be.

“Because it will be much more difficult for him, Teresa’s family, her friends, and everyone on the island who knew and loved her.

8 hours binge

Wainwright, who worked as co-pilot on the £6.3million yacht MY Mahogany based in the South of France, had a previous drinking record when he became ill from drinking and drugs. In a Nice court, he was fined his €700 (£600) and given a suspended sentence.

Mal’s witness told the court about how Wainwright was drinking with his mother’s partner, Lopez.

He consumed five 500ml bottles of cider at the Mishnish Hotel, a pint of cider at McGochan’s Pub, two glasses of whiskey at the distillery and two pints of cider at the Craignure Inn in Craignure.

Police image after the accident. Photo: Crown Office.

Wainwright said proudly when asked at the Craignure Inn, where he and Mr. Lopez were both driving because they were drinking.

Less than three miles down the road, he collided with Mr. Wade, trapped in his van and died at the scene.

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[Jailed drink-driver who killed island vet has application for transfer to France refused]


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