J-Hope reveals BTS finally met up for drinks and the info is nothing short of music to ARMY’s ears

BTS finally had a drinking party

ARMYs, please take a seat! Fans have been obsessed with BTS’ every move, especially now that the group seems to be embarking on a new journey of their solo career. is not.

J-Hope reveals BTS had a drinking party

Even with J-Hope winning the Golden Disc award and receiving several trophies for himself and his group, he couldn’t help but divulge a little bit of information about the group. The day before the award ceremony, BTS gathered for a drinking party.

Yep, you read that right! Even in their busy schedules, all six members, except Jin, took time out and spent a few hours with each other. Talk about having such a bond.

While giving a speech on the stage, J-Hope said, “Yesterday, I had a drink with the members of BTS, except for Jin-hyung, who enlisted. Check out the video that will let you know.

We didn’t get a picture of their hangout, but we’re certainly happy with their little reunion. No need to tell.

See what ARMYs have been yelling since J-Hope announced the big news:

Where to sign up for friendships like theirs? How much do you love BTS having sweet moments with each other? Let us know

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