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The New Year’s party is about to begin, but after drinking alcohol at the New Year’s party, do not get behind the wheel of the car.

Think twice before operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Ohio Highway Patrol reports that police have arrested 14,846 OVIs so far this year. This is down from his 18,456 cases reported in 2021.

As of Tuesday morning, the patrol reported 199 OVI arrests in Jefferson County this year. There have been 262 reported OVI arrests in Belmont County, 207 in Columbiana County, 28 in Harrison County, and 6 in Carroll County.

Law enforcement agencies will do everything in their power to monitor drivers who ignore the message that drinking should not be mixed with driving during the holiday season.

Many people play smart on New Year’s Eve. They attend a party at a friend’s house and plan to stay. Some choose a designated driver, while others use a professional car service. And with drunk drivers on the rise, some even consider it dangerous to drive on the roads on New Year’s Eve.

Alcohol impairs your ability to drive. Reaction time is slowed and the driver may make wrong decisions.

Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania have serious or fatal alcohol-related accidents every weekend. Innocent family members could be injured or killed because someone was at the wheel under the influence.

Think seriously about the consequences of driving with a disability.

Make a New Year’s resolution to not drink and drive in 2023.

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