Isle of Wight lifeguard caught drink driving in Mazda

After drinking with a friend, a lifeguard who I thought was fit to drive was arrested for DUI by patrolling police.

Bertram Bristow, a resident of Diggings, St. Helens, admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol on December 10.

Around 2:00 a.m., a police officer patrolling West Hill Road in the Ride noticed a Mazda speeding in town and followed him.

Bristow, 23, was eventually stopped by police who found him “incapacitated”, said Ann Smout, who was charged in the Isle of Wight Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday (3).

He is arrested after failing a roadside sobriety test.

At the Newport Police Department, Bristow blew an alcohol reading of 56 micrograms with no criminal record. The legal drunk driving limit is 35.

In the case of Bristow, Oscar Vincent said the client was out drinking with friends and the night passed without incident.

“He was going straight home, but he felt it was okay to drive,” Vincent said. said.

“The police were there when he turned off the engine and tried to get out of the car.

“He hasn’t been out since the incident and has no alcohol problems.”

Since DUI, Bristow has made an appointment with the island’s drug and alcohol services.

The magistrate suspended Bristow from driving for 15 months and imposed a fine of £366, costs of £85 and a surcharge of £146.

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