Irish food and drink exports hit record high €16.7bn

Bord Bia’s Export Performance and Prospects report 2022/23 reveals that Irish exports of food, beverages and horticultural products increased by 22% last year, a record high. Food and beverage exports will increase by €3 billion from 2021 onwards, an increase of almost 30% from pre-pandemic levels (he €13 billion in 2019).

The main drivers of growth were both higher unit prices due to inflation and higher input and operating costs, as well as higher volumes of exported goods.

Irish dairy products account for the largest share, with exports of €6.8bn (£6bn) last year, up 33%, or €1.7bn (£1.5bn) from the previous year. This was mainly driven by butter (up 26% in value) and cheese (up 25% in value).

Dairy products remain the largest component of Ireland’s food and beverage exports, with more than 1.7 million tonnes of product shipped to over 130 markets worldwide.

meat and livestockna

The meat and livestock sector had the next highest export value, contributing more than €4 billion to the Irish economy. This represents a 15% increase over the previous year.

Beef was valued at €2.5bn (£2.22bn), an increase of €384m (£340m) or 18% at 2021 levels.

Exports of prepared consumer food exceeded €3 billion (£2.66 billion). This is largely due to the resumption of food service in major markets when his Covid-19 restrictions are lifted in early 2022.

Ireland’s beverage exports reached nearly €2 billion for the first time (up 22% year-on-year), a 25% increase compared to pre-pandemic levels. North America remains a major export market, accounting for her 52% of total exports at just under €1bn (£886m).

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