Irish drinks exports reach €2 billion in value

Last year, Irish beverage exports reached €2 billion for the first time, with growth in the whiskey category driving this increase.

Irish beverage exports reached 119 markets worldwide, with North America leading with a 52% value share, according to Ireland’s Food Commission, Bode Beer’s Export Performance and Outlook report for 2022/2023. It was by far the largest. The European Union made up 21% of her and the UK made up 14% of her.

Beer exports, still 7% below pre-pandemic levels, increased 19%, largely due to the shutdown of distribution channels around the world for much of that period.

Another assessment by the Irish Whiskey Association shows that in 2022, island-wide (Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland combined) whiskey exports will reach a milestone of €1 billion for the first time. rice field.

But whiskey isn’t the only Irish spirit on the rise. Gin exports have grown at a rate of €5 million per year over the past two years, reaching €20 million.

Cormac Healy, Director of Drinks Ireland, which represents Ireland’s alcoholic beverage sector, said: This trend is seen in both Ireland and the export market. Consumers tend to drink less, drink more, and choose higher quality products when they actually drink. In Ireland, alcohol consumption decreased by 33% in his 20 years. ”

But Healy remained optimistic, though he warned the industry still faces significant challenges due to inflation and energy costs.

In related news, plans to build a €100 million distillery in County Dublin were recently approved.

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