Iredell County residents dealing with brown drinking water

You can see the remains of Erica Goodnight’s house. Her shower is full of dark brown stains where the water hits the ground directly from the shower head.

Iredale County, North Carolina — Bet on what comes out of the taps of Iredale County residents. Ask any homeowner and they’ll describe it as barbecue sauce or even tea. Water that residents are expected to use for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Residents of Iredel County said they have been having problems for years.

Casey Lyles said it’s been happening since she moved into a new house just two years ago.

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“Some days it’s going to be worse, some days it’s not so bad, and then it’s going to get worse,” says Lyles.

Residents contacted Ayredel Water Corporation about the problem.

“They first said the plumbing in our house was wrong. We had a plumber check and everything was plumbed correctly,” Lyle said.

The company advised Lyle to purchase an additional filter. Lyle did.

“Now it’s costing us $10 every three to four days,” says Lyle.

Lyle says continuing to purchase and replace the water filter will cost him about $900 more a year.

Residents also have concerns about water safety and drinkability.

Reported by Lancaster Water Group Detailed description of the chemical composition of water. It gave a failing grade for hardness and iron.

Frank LaRosa has been in water treatment for 25 years. Well doctor. In his report, he said the water was drinkable and not dangerous, but residents would see physical effects.

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“It’s rare to find well water that doesn’t require any kind of treatment,” says LaRosa.Plumbing, fixtures, electrical appliances, hair, skin, clothing… everything is affected by this raw water. “

Traces can be seen at Erica Goodnight’s home. Her shower is full of dark brown stains where the water hits the ground directly from the shower head.

“It just looks disgusting and frustrating,” Goodnight said.

we reached out Iredel Water about claims.the company sent WCNCCharlotte The following statements:

“In December, Iredel Water received a call from a customer who posted a photo of a water filter on social media. Iredel Water staff made three visits to the home over five days to assess the situation.

During the investigation, it was discovered that a nearby water pump was not working properly, causing problems with the water’s aesthetics. Most notably, increased iron content. We are an underground water system and minerals such as iron and manganese are present in our water at levels that meet state and federal standards.

Routine water checks are performed daily throughout the approximately 450 miles of water distribution system operated by Iredel Water. We are giving more attention to this area so that we can continue to have access to the situation.

Enhanced monitoring has been achieved through increased visits to the nearest well water production sites, reactive flushing in areas of recent complaints, and more detailed monitoring of remote data received from well water treatment plants. increase. As more data becomes available from customer feedback, a proactive flush may be scheduled.

Water sampling can occur with a frequency ranging from daily (for checking disinfectant residues) to monthly to every three years in a water system, depending on the contaminant being sampled.

Sampling is still scheduled at residents’ homes this week with the assistance of NCDEQ staff. Sample results from specific homes are shared directly with customers. They are not published out of respect for our customers.

Additional results for normally scheduled tests can be found at NC Drinking Water Watch for any water system in North Carolina – – Or required by all water utilities annually to our customers through our Consumer Confidence Report, commonly referred to as the CCR. You can find our latest report on his website.

Also at the time, the water main was broken nearby and some customers experienced discolored water.

Iredel Water notified customers in the vicinity of the complaint and performed directional flushing in the area to remove accumulated minerals in the water mains that may have contributed to the problem. Staff also worked to modify the behavior of nearby pumps to eliminate the high-speed pumping spikes that appeared to be occurring.

Iredell Water has stepped up monitoring of nearby pumps to track repairs. We are in contact with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality and continue to sample drinking water in the area.

Based on our work in the area, the photos provided show that there may be a maintenance problem with the drinking water filtration system in your home. I have spoken with NCDEQ about contacting the customer to investigate.

Iron and manganese are naturally occurring contaminants that are part of the EPA’s National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations, which cover non-mandatory water quality standards. These standards are established as guidelines to help public water systems manage drinking water for aesthetic considerations such as taste, color and odor. Our water contains levels of iron and manganese that are not considered dangerous to human health.

Iredel Water encourages customers to contact us directly if they believe there is a problem with water quality.Whenever you notice a water quality problem, call (704) 876-0673 or visit our website at[お問い合わせ]We recommend using sections. “

Iredell Water also provided a solution for affected residents, but some did not get along well with Goodnight.

“They want an extra filtration system in my house. Why is that my responsibility?” Goodnight asked. And why is it my financial responsibility? I’m mad because I spent a lot of money building this house. “

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