International Delight Launches ‘Friends’-Themed Creamer

friend The last episode may have aired almost 20 years ago, but love for the show remains as strong as ever. It’s so strong that people still watch reruns and reunions, buy merch, and now even drink coffee like their favorite friends.

On Tuesday, International Delight announced a partnership with Warner Bros. to release a limited edition. friend According to the company, the Manhattan Hazelnut Mocha Creamer was inspired by Central Park’s Manhattan Mocha Coffee. Do you know Manhattan Mocha coffee? This is a true little “IYKYK” moment. friend Fans had drinks written on chalkboard menus in coffee shops throughout the show’s run.

friend is one of the most iconic and most watched TV shows of all time. Under the mission of delivering collaborations that please our customers, friend Curry Goodwin, vice president of marketing for International Delight, said in a statement: Approved. ”

Both the regular and zero sugar bottles of Hazelnut Mocha Creamer feature show-inspired art on the front. This includes highly recognizable outlines of each character and the Central Park sign front and center. Creamer is 32 oz. A bottle and retail price is about $3.99. It will also be sold at major mass retailers nationwide, but please note that it is for a limited time.

This is also the third limited edition creamer from International Delight and Warner Bros., which also released the seasonal Buddy the Elf Freemer in 2020 and the Wonka Whipple Scrumptious Fuzzy Caramel Creamer in 2022. Then end up at your grocery store.

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