Inside incredible rise of Prime energy drink that has parents fighting kids at Aldi & chancers selling bottles for £50k

PRIME Hydration is the new energy drink that has taken the world by storm and a bottle has sold for over £50,000 on Ebay.

Founded by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul, the drink is so popular that supermarkets are inundated with customers and parents wrestling their kids out of the way to get a bottle. increase.


Prime Hydration is in high demand after becoming an online sensationCredit: Simon Jones
The brand was founded by YouTube stars KSI (left) and Logan Paul (right).


The brand was founded by YouTube stars KSI (left) and Logan Paul (right).credit:
Customers wrestled with each other to get their bottles


Customers wrestled with each other to get their bottlesCredits: Twitter – @chels_kr1s
Individual 500ml bottles sell for up to £10,000 on Ebay


Individual 500ml bottles sell for up to £10,000 on EbayCredit: eBay

It sold out “in seconds” when it hit Aldi shelves this week. After taking over from Asda, it is the sole distributor in the UK and has to ration one of each flavor per customer.

Lines have formed at stores since early in the morning, and shoppers are desperately buying.

Dubbed the first “viral drink,” this prime boom has resulted in children being bullied into handing over bottles, security tags on products, and a 17-year-old Kent boy arrested for stealing a case. There were reports that he was later released pending investigation. .

Shocking footage emerged yesterday at an Aldi in Sydenham, east London, of an adult pushing young children out of the way to get just a few bottles.

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celebrity origins

Prime was announced by social media celebrity creators in January 2022 to have reached 140 million combined followers and was promoted around a series of high-profile celebrity boxing matches.

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, is one of the UK’s most famous YouTube creators. He also dabbled in celebrity boxing and music.

Logan Paul is an American internet celebrity who rose to fame along with his brother Jake through his often controversial online videos.

His other ventures include work as an actor, podcaster, boxer and WWE wrestler.

Paul also owns the world’s most expensive Pokemon card.

The duo, longtime boxing rivals, came together to launch their brand after their final fight in 2019.

During the livestream, the pair said they want to “compete against the biggest companies on the planet” with products like “Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade, and Powerade.”

It gained viral fame after a TikTok clip showed a girl being charged £145 for six bottles by a store in Wakefield.

Chancer on Ebay was later found to sell 12 packs for £50,000, but now a single bottle sells for a whopping £10,000 (delivery included).

Even the corner shops had increased their prices by more than five times to £15 a bottle.

For reference, the standard retail price for a single 500ml bottle is just £1.99.

The demand is so high that some people even pay for the empty bottle to refill it with another drink and post it on social media.

Himitsu no Wiz Kids

But despite Paul and KSI being the faces of the brand, The Sun on Sunday recently revealed that US businessmen Trey Steiger and Max Clemons are the secret geniuses behind it.

Steiger and Clemons own Congo Brands, the company that created Prime, as part of a beverage empire that experts say is worth more than £85m.

Prime is called a “hydration drink” by the YouTube star founder because its ingredients set it apart from similar brands.

Although often equated with the likes of Red Bull and Gatorade, Prime is caffeine-free, so it’s technically not an energy drink.

It is also low in calories and has no added sugar.

Instead, it is mostly made with water and coconut water with added vitamins and minerals.

There are seven flavors: Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Grape and Lemon Lime.


The sports drink has received mixed reviews since its launch this year.

As one person put it, “It’s smooth and fresh, but it’s not really revolutionary in terms of taste.”

Others say, “This product tastes great. This cool drink is a must-have on hot summer days.”

A third commented, “It has a terrible aftertaste that lingers in your saliva every time you swallow it.”

After yesterday’s chaotic scene, an Aldi spokesperson tried to reassure disappointed customers.

“We are sorry that some of our customers were unable to obtain this product, but the demand was very high,” the company said.

“We have limited purchases to one of each variation per customer to ensure that as many customers as possible purchase.”


Long queues formed outside the store and the stock sold out “in seconds”Credit: SWNS
The drink will be priced at £1.99 per bottle.


The drink will be priced at £1.99 per bottle.Credit: eBay
Shocking footage showed adults pushing children out of the way and snapping just a few bottles


Shocking footage showed adults pushing children out of the way and snapping just a few bottlesCredit: Facebook/mark.hall.1238

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