In-laws make Pune woman drink water laced with powdered human bones

PUNE: Yet another shocking superstitious case forced a married woman to consume a water concoction containing human bone meal and ash, ostensibly to help her get pregnant, police said here Saturday. .

The victim, who is about 27 years old, filed a complaint with the Singad Police Station. The Singad Police Department has arrested the woman’s husband Jayant Kokale, her step-family and three others for torture, investigator Inspector Jayant Rajarkar said.

At the same time, Maharashtra State Women’s Commission Chair Rupali Chakankar called for a detailed report on the shocking allegations.

Inspector Rajurkar said the woman married the accused in 2019 and the family began practicing black magic rituals after he reportedly had a failed pregnancy.

In the complaint, the women allege that they were forcibly taken to a crematorium, bathed in a strange water mixture, and made to drink water allegedly mixed with powdered human bones and ashes.

The family also repeatedly asked her for money. Fed up with all her harassment, she finally moved out of the Kocale household nearly two years before her, Rajurkar said.

“Currently, in connection with their divorce proceedings, the victim has filed a detailed complaint with the police in which she alleges her ordeal, black magic, superstitions and other actions during her stay with her husband. It explains how I was exposed to the law,” he added.

Further investigation is underway, including possible involvement of local godmen (tantrics) and black magicians, according to Singad Police.

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