If You Purchased A Celsius Beverage or Powdered Drink Between January 1, 2015 And November 23, 2022, Then You Could Be Entitled To Money From A Class Action Settlement

New York, December 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The following notice is issued by Clarkson Law Offices, PC, usa Southern District Court New Yorkof Hezi v. Celsius Holdings, Inc. (No. 1:21-cv-9892-VM).

What does this notification contain?

Litigation Pending in United States District Court for the Southern District New York (“Lawsuit”) may affect your rights. The lawsuit alleges that Celsius Holdings, Inc. (“Defendant”) falsely labeled “preservative-free” when its products contained citric acid. Defendants allege that citric acid was added only to add flavor and not as a preservative. The court did not rule in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant. The parties agreed to settle instead.

morning IA member of the class?

If you are a resident, you are a class member usa Not for resale or distribution of Celsius beverages for personal or home consumption, including original Celsius beverages (sometimes labeled “Celsius Live Fit”), Celsius Heat, Celsius BCAA+ Energy, Celsius with Stevia For those who purchased as a Celsius On-The Go and Flo Fusion Powdered Beverage (“Product”) as a January 1, 2015 When November 23, 2022.

What does the settlement offer?

Subject to court approval, the settlement will provide cash awards to class members who submit valid and timely claim forms.Class members who previously purchased tins of product during the class can submit and receive claims 1 dollar ($1.00) per can of product. Class Her members who have previously purchased Celsius On The Go or Flow Fusion powdered beverages, usually sold in packages of 14, can submit and receive claims. $5.00 per package of 14. Any class member who submits an approved claim with a receipt will $250 ($250.00) per household. Class Her members who have previously purchased products but are unable to issue receipts can submit claims and $20 ($20.00) per household.

If the total amount of all approved claims exceeds or falls short of the funds available for distribution to class members, cash payments will be made in the amount required to use all funds available for distribution. be reduced or increased. to class members. Such proportional adjustments are calculated prior to the distribution of funds (that is, in one distribution). Proportional upward adjustments are capped at twice her amount of the invoice. Any unclaimed or unused funds after distribution of the Settlement Fund will be distributed to court-approved charities. The settlement also provides for amendments to the advertising and labeling of defendants’ products, including the removal of the “preservative-free” label claim.

What are my rights and options?

You have three options:
you can claim. CLASS MEMBERS DESIRING A CASH AWARD Must Visit the Settlement Website and submit a claim form. www.CelsiusClassActionSettlement.com, Submit (or print and mail) the claim form.the deadline is Submitting a claim postmarked or online is February 13, 2023.
You are Settlement may be challengedYou may also object to any part of the Settlement. Mail the objection to the class administrator, postmark valid February 13, 2023.
You can “opt out” of the settlementYou may exclude yourself from the Settlement (“opt-out”) by submitting an exclusion request to the Class Administrator. postmark valid February 13, 2023. This is the only option available to join any other litigation against the defendants regarding legal claims in this case.

More information on how to opt out, object, and submit a claim form is available on the Settlement Website.

fair hearing

upon March 31st2023 11 amthe court will hear in the United States District Court for the Southern District. New York500 Pearl Street, new york, new york 10007 Approval: (1) The Settlement is fair, reasonable and appropriate; (2) Plaintiff’s attorney’s fee application form; $2,600,000 reimbursement of legal costs up to $300,000and payments up to $20,000 Class representative in total. Class members who support the proposed settlement are not required to attend the hearing or take any other action to show their approval.

how can Me Get more information?

This is just a summary of the settlement. If you have any questions or would like to view a detailed notice or other document regarding the lawsuit, including the Settlement Agreement, please see below. www.CelsiusClassActionSettlement.com, Contact Class Counsel [email protected]or call your class administrator 1-855-737-1258.

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