Hundreds arrested across the Thames Valley in drink drive crackdown

More than 450 people have been arrested in a month-long crackdown on drink and drug driving in the Thames Valley area.

As part of Operation Holly, which ran from 1 to 31 December, joint operations forces from the Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Police arrested more than 700 people in both force areas, including 451 in the Thames Valley alone.

This is a 24% increase over the previous year.

Of the arrests, 283 were for DUI and 168 for drug driving.

The number of arrests under the age of 25 also increased by 42% from last year to reach 101.

Chief Detective Mike Bettington, Joint Operations Rhodes Policing Unit, said: drug.

“Too often we see the devastating consequences of this practice, resulting in so many arrests and preventing the harm that can be caused by drunk and drug drivers. I am glad that I did.

“Our priority is to make our roads safer for everyone, and we do this by challenging anyone who appears to be trying to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. To this end, we ask the general public for their cooperation.

“Even small amounts of alcohol or drugs can affect your driving. It’s not worth the risk.”

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