How your body transforms when you don’t drink alcohol for 31 days

If you’re looking to get in shape, think better, remember better, and sleep better in 2023, attending Dry January might be the best way to go.

The popular sobriety challenge actually has amazing long-term health benefits, even if you just stick with it for 31 days.

A study from the University of Sussex found that even if you don’t stick to dry January for a month, there are significant benefits. It seems definitely worth a try.

Are you doing Dry January 2023? Credit: Unsplash.

A study at the University of Sussex, led by psychologist Dr. Richard de Visser, found that people who participated in Dry January drank less until the following August.

And even if you’re back on the wagon on February 1st, there are some impressive health benefits that will kick in right away.

According to Alcohol Change UK, in just the first week, you’ll already notice big changes, from increased energy levels and focus to improved sleep quality.

The second week, when the mindset suddenly becomes clear, is often referred to as the “clearing the fog.”

Also, as you become more aware of how much water your body needs, you become more aware of your hydration levels. Hello, I have clear skin.

In the second week, symptoms of heartburn are also reduced.

By week three, you’re past the halfway point and you’ll notice it too.

You’ll start to lose some weight around this time, especially if you plan to hit the gym in January of this year.

A pint of beer has about 200 calories, and a glass of wine has an average of 142 calories.

And finally, by the fourth week, your blood pressure and cholesterol levels begin to rise and your risk of type 2 diabetes begins to decline.

Even if you can't drink for 31 days, there are many immediate benefits that come from being sober. Credit: Pixabay
Even if you can’t drink for 31 days, there are many immediate benefits that come from being sober. Credit: Pixabay

Dr. Richard Piper, CEO of Alcohol Change UK, said:

“Every day I hear people say they are healthier and happier after using Dry January to control their drinking.

“Most of us know about the health risks of alcohol: seven forms of cancer, liver disease, mental health problems, and more. It’s not very well known.”

If you would like to discuss alcohol issues confidentially, please contact DrinkLine for advice and assistance on 0300 123 1110, 9am-8pm weekdays and 11am-4pm weekends.

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