How to Prevent a Hangover Before and After You Drink Alcohol

The holiday season offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy alcoholic beverages. Festive cocktails here, mulled wine there. So if learning how to prevent a hangover is at the top of your wish list, we’ll get it.

Before you reminisce about college tactics and old woman tales passed down from your parents, I’m sorry, but most hangover remedies don’t work. Drinking too much limits what your liver can do before it repairs the damage. But there are a few things you can do to prevent post-party pukefest.

What Causes a Hangover?

Well, you’re drinking, and you already knew that. There are several reasons why alcohol makes you sick. That’s because “alcohol is toxic to the body,” Keith Humphries, Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry at Stanford University who studies addiction prevention and treatment, tells his SELF. It can be fun, but if you drink too much, you will always have to squeeze your body a little.

According to the Mayo Clinic, alcohol causes dehydration, irritates the lining of your stomach (which can make you nauseous), dilates your blood vessels in a way that causes headaches, and reaches deeper stages of sleep, according to the Mayo Clinic. prevent make you feel tired. It also triggers an inflammatory response from the immune system and lowers blood sugar levels. This can leave you feeling weak and shaky, and having trouble concentrating.

If you had fond memories of college days where you could have a few drinks and come back with no consequences, now you may have a few drinks and they’ll be ruined the next day, but that’s just the way it is, Dr. Humphries says. says. “Our body’s ability to metabolize many things weakens with age,” he says. Alcohol is no exception.

how to prevent a hangover Previous Drinking

You may have seen supplements that claim to prevent hangovers. Some people tell you to drink before you start drinking, some people tell you to drink before you start drinking. Unfortunately, Dr. Humphreys says there’s no evidence they work. It’s probably a lot more marketing than science.

However, there are some things you can do to avoid a hangover before you start drinking. the first one? “Eat,” says David Seitz, M.D., his director of medical at Ascendant Detox, a New York drug and alcohol treatment center. “Eating food while you drink slows the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, which can help reduce the severity of your hangover the next day,” Dr. Seitz tells SELF.

Some people say a high-fat or high-protein diet is better, but Dr. Humphreys says the most important thing is to eat a complete meal and keep eating well into the night. Mann does not eat himself!)

Another big necessity is drinking water, says Dr. Seitz. “Alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration, so it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and other non-alcoholic beverages,” he says. It’s the same when I’m at home and when I’m home.

how to prevent a hangover that’s why you drink

The less alcohol you drink and the less you drink, the less likely you are to get a hangover. Be aware of both how often and how often you are drinking. According to Dr. Humphries, consuming one serving (12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of liqueur) or less alcohol per hour increases your chances of your liver catching up.

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