How to get KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration drink in Warrington

PRIME Hydration, an energy drink company founded by YouTube superstars and former boxing opponents KSI and Logan Paul, sold out within minutes of hitting shelves nationwide.

In Warrington, only ASDA is officially in stock due to an exclusive agreement with ASDA, but they are sold out almost instantly after being restocked at 7am each morning.

However, energy drinks are also available at the Spar service station on the Wilderspool Causeway this Wednesday.

The drinks were priced at £2.99 each and you could only purchase a maximum of 2 flavors per person.

With such demand, trying to take a photo of a shelf full was impossible.My parents would always come over and apologize when they grabbed a pair of each of the two flavors available.

We spoke with Ann-Marie Coleman and Dez Ryan. Both had received calls from other parents to bring their children from Stockton Heath Primary School to buy drinks.

Ann-Marie says her daughter, Ella, is a huge fan of YouTubers, and after receiving a phone call from her parents, she decided, “I just happen to go and buy something.” She and all her friends have been bugging me. It’s not just about her, it’s about most of the schools I’m looking to buy. ”

Dez tells me that his son, Jack, has only seen KSI briefly, but “it’s a big buzz on the internet and everyone wants to get it.”

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