How to drink around the clock – according to Telegraph readers

Readers of The Telegraph don’t entirely agree on the optimal time for caffeinated hot drinks as advocated by Dorsett’s Camilla Boradail. When exactly is coffee time? ”

Everyone’s memories may be different, but one thing is certain, says Tim Weston of Much Marcle in Herefordshire.

For retired early childhood school teacher Barbara Southward in Essex, the time is always 10:30 am. “This was the children’s playtime in the morning and her 15 minutes where the teacher could sit down with a cup of coffee.”

In Norfolk, Kirsty Blunt says coffee time is a home religion linked to BBC Radio 2.

Couples may have to compromise. “The day after my wife retired, six years after I retired, she started making coffee at 10:30 am. We will now have coffee at 10:50 am.”

Norfolk’s Suzanne Burnell has none of that. “Coffee time is probably 11am, also called Elevens.” Unless you’re in the antipodes, Mike Ellis points out.

For some, the weather in the UK seems to hold the key to kettle time. But when is it? 7am, 8:30pm and after that he’s an hour or he’s every two hours. A very rainy day. ”

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