Hotseat: Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington is an author, editor, podcaster, “book doula” and creator of the self-published imprint Numinous Books. But she’s probably most famous for inspiring her sober curiosity exercise with her 2018 book. Sober Curious: Blissful sleep, greater focus, deeper connection, and infinite presence await us all beyond alcohol.

Somewhere between sobriety and the tangential bullying of a month-long sobriety challenge, Sober’s intriguing exercise offers a way out for those who want to drink with moderation. It is built on a simple and revelatory philosophy. Alcoholism is not the only reason to question the role of alcohol in your life.

“I’ve seen people who didn’t like alcohol, or never wanted to drink in the first place, but felt social pressure to drink,” says Warrington. “I’ve seen them find new languages ​​and new ways to talk about the fact that they don’t want to get involved in the drinking culture. It’s really nice.”

In 2023, discourse on Warrington will likely revolve around her book Childless Women: The Revolutionary Rise of the Unsung Hero, is scheduled to be released in March.but she took a long time to speak WW About fostering a movement of calm curiosity and guiding people through “a series of conversations about how to live a more conscious, connected, present life.” Interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

WW: Have you seen this movement grow beyond the type of drinker you first thought of when you wrote the book?

Ruby Warrington: I was really aiming to talk to a so-called “normal social drinker” who also asked questions about drinking. Are you under pressure to have to, or how would you feel if you didn’t drink?” .

What other avenues are you exploring to get your message across and keep the movement growing?

There are currently two sober and curious books out. The original book explaining the complete philosophy and Sober Curiosity ResetLaunched in 2020, 100 Days of Sobriety guides you with the goal of making your drinking habits sustainable.

But perhaps where I’ve seen this movement grow is Facebook. There’s the ever-growing Sober Curious Facebook group, which now has 9,000 members, an incredibly supportive private group where people share what cold curiosity looks like. online group. There are few conflicts in that group. This is one of the safest places I’ve experienced online and one of the most supportive.

What is the most important difference you’ve encountered between men and women in their reactions to your approach?

Being a woman, I think more women were drawn to the movement at first, but I’ve seen more and more men join. I think what I’m sharing applies to everyone, even if it’s through my lens.

About your sober curiosity-themed event, you touched on social anxiety about not drinking. Is the event a way to get people accustomed to sober socializing?

For anyone interested in starting a sober and curious group, even starting as a book group can be a good way to bring people together. Anxiety is incredibly prevalent and is arguably one of the biggest reasons people use alcohol for socializing. Well, it’s an icebreaker.

Just put people together in a room without alcohol and they’ll get pretty awkward and resort to boring small talk. You can get over it and build some pretty deep connections.

listen: You can see episodes of calm curiosity Podcasts at

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