Hotseat: Olivia and Sarah Sears

“Why don’t you drink?” If you’re a sober person, you’ve probably heard this question before.

“It’s the only substance where it’s normal to say, ‘Why not?'” says Olivia Sears. “If someone is quitting smoking or quitting drugs, you don’t make fun of them. That’s very interesting.” [questioning why someone doesn’t drink alcohol] Very normalized. “

Olivia Sears and her wife, Sarah Sears, are trying to change that with BuzzCutt, an app that helps you find N/A drinks in bars and restaurants. Working with software developer Approachable Geek, we hope to provide a national resource for the sober and curious from the app’s planned launch date in summer 2023.

The final march to BuzzCutt’s announcement will begin with a fundraiser at the Victoria Bar on January 28th. The fundraiser features DJ Jess the Ripper and his N/A brands Athletic, Jøyus and Wilderton. Looking ahead to the event and beyond, the Sears said: WW About the artistry and philosophy behind the app, and their hopes to alleviate the stigma surrounding the decision to drink in moderation or not at all.

WW: What is the mission behind BuzzCutt?

Sarah Sears: I’ve been sober for about two years and much of the app background is a very personal mission. Basically, if you don’t have a drink in your hand, or you have water, or you have soda water, questions start to arise from other people drinking. It can be a traumatic question.

If you can just go to a bar or restaurant and say, “Let’s drink N/A Athletic,” that’s it. That essentially removes everything I was just talking about… a question that’s nobody’s business.

Olivia Sears: Access points are always a hot topic. Sarah is from Ohio and we visited her family. We went to this country-ass liquor store.In the back of the liquor store, there were three shelves of N/A beers.But how do we know they were there?

How does BuzzCut work? If I enter a zip code, will it show bars and restaurants in my area that serve N/A beer?

Olivia Sears: that’s right. We basically catalog all the different N/A brands. Thankfully, Sarah is the creative director, so she was able to do all the design in-house. Developers just code it into an app. So from March she’ll have a dev coming in May/June to basically make it practical.

Sarah, can you talk about the design of BuzzCutt and the principles behind it?

Sarah Sears: We’re putting up stickers all over town and handing them out to people who might be interested, and this icon is literally a buzzing bee. [cut in half]And then there’s this kind of secret society vibe.

Unless you know, it’s like, “I don’t really understand why that bee was cut in half.” There is this layer of intrigue that we try to capture in our brands through various iconography and illustrations. The idea is that we are creating this secret, but unsecret society.

I think historically there is a mindset that if you do something bad to yourself, you are a rebel. But now it’s kind of the opposite. That’s another big feeling about how I’m back where I used to be. And I think there’s a really fun element to this reverse psychology, like “rebel and rebel forever.”

go: The BuzzCutt Bazaar fundraiser will be held at Victoria Bar, 4835 N Albina Ave., Saturday, January 28, 12:00pm-5:00pm. free.

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