“Horror crash” in Alicante’s Novelda highlights dangers of drink driving this Christmas

Alicante’s Novelda’s ‘Horror Crash’ highlights the dangers of drunk driving this Christmas. Image: Policia Novelda/Facebook

Alicante’s Novelda’s ‘Horror Crash’ aims to highlight the dangers of drunk driving this Christmas.

The Transport Authority of the city of Novelda has launched a campaign to prevent drunk and drug driving in the Spanish town of Alicante.

“The aim is to raise public awareness about the dire consequences of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol,” the Department of Transportation wrote on Facebook.

Officers set the scene of a serious car crash with a mannequin placed under a bloody sheet next to several bottles of alcohol and a battered vehicle lying on its side.

A simulated accident scene was erected at the Juan XXIII roundabout earlier this week as the Novelda Transit Authority launched a visual assault on the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Carlos Vizcaino, one of Novelda’s councilors, and Rafa Sario, the local police chief, urged the public to “avoid getting in the car and walk instead” this Christmas.

Above the staged scene was a banner with the following slogan:

“It is imperative that drivers and pedestrians work together to respect the rules, signs and pedestrian crossings, but most importantly avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” Vizcaino said. increase.

“This is the reality of traffic accidents, but recreation includes elements such as ambulances, firefighters, tow trucks and, most of all, the families of those involved in accidents who must be informed of the fatal consequences,” Sario said. I am missing.”

The scene of the simulated accident takes place after shocking footage emerged of a tram crashing into a car in Denia, north of the Costa Blanca.

A tram passing João Fuster Avenue in Alicante during the necessary tests prior to the opening of Line 9 between Denia and Gata, villages in the Marina Alta region of the northern Costa Blanca (Spain) , crashed into a moving car. Denia.

But it was a planned simulation, so no one was hurt in the incident earlier this week!

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