Hisbah, medical expert react to viral video of cows wey dey drink beer

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A cow drinking beer from a bucket

26 minutes to pass

Kano state Hisbah commander Sheikh Harun ibn Sina fears Muslims will eat beef meat after a video of cattle breeders feeding their cows beer began circulating in northern Nigeria I came here to tell you not to.

In a video widely shared on social media, the filmmakers asked the person who poured the beer into the bucket what they were going to do, explaining that they wanted to feed the cows beer as usual.

According to Ji Man Im and many Odas, beer is given to animals because they make them healthier and fatter.

Sheik Ibn Sina for voice note message e send to BBC News Pidgin Tok says it is not a sin for cows to drink beer and eat it, so let Muslims continue to eat beef meat without fear.

“He, like many others, saw a video of a man giving beer to a cow, but wanted Muslims to know that eating beef is not a sin. I am thinking.”

“One of our spiritual leaders, Imam Malik, discussed such matters long ago and said that sin is not expensive.”

“There is also Malam Jasa who spins the thread that if you have a beer-drinking goat and slaughter it, people can eat the meat because the beer’s effects will not affect the meat or the milk.”

The reason why Hisbah Oga decided to keep his mouth shut on this issue is that many Muslims have asked if it is okay to eat the meat of that kind of animal.

shepherd pouring beer
what do you call this photo

Shepherd in video said beer makes cows fat

“Science claims beer makes cows fatter and healthier”

Dr Muhammad Sanusi Yahya, a veterinarian at Ousmanu Danfodio University in Sokoto, northwestern Nigeria, told BBC News Pidgin that he had seen the viral video and said there was no evidence of the claims made by the shepherds.

“He saw a video of cows being fed beer. He has to add that there is currently no science to support his claim that beer makes animals fatter or healthier. That’s it.”

“We know animals need to grow fat and healthy, so we don’t have scientific backing.”

As to whether the beer the cow drank would affect the consumer who later ate the meat, the doctor said the beer went through “metabolism” and dissolved long ago, so nothing would happen to the consumer. .

“It’s fine for meat eaters. The stomach breaks down the beer and removes all the unwanted parts, so there’s no ill effects for the eater.”

Many pipo around the world rely on cows for protein, and throughout Nigeria, it also has religious significance, as many Muslims celebrate by killing cows during Eid.

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