Higher sugary drink taxation advocated

Islamabad: Sugary drinks are killing the younger generation so the government should increase taxes to save their lives, experts say.

According to them, sugar-sweetened carbonated beverages are a major cause of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart, kidney, and many other non-communicable diseases, thus not only implicating young people but also improving their health. There is a need to raise awareness among young people about the harm of In a campaign to make Pakistan’s future healthier by reducing the consumption of these unhealthy drinks.University dean, health, economics and policy experts here hosted by Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) Media speaker at his workshop.

The workshop was attended by professors, civil society representatives, health, economics and policy experts. Hosted by PANAH General Secretary Sanaura Guman, it was attended by Prof. Abdul Basit from Capital University, Dr. Bhutta from Naeem National University of Modern Languages, Nazia from University of Punjab, Dr. Rashed from RIPAH University and Sajida Fellows. , Girl Guide, Boy Scout Shahid, Dr. Asif from ARID University, Mubashar from Rasani School, Munawar Hussain, Consultant from Global Health Advocacy Incubator and other health and economics experts.

Dr. Bhutta said sugary drinks are one of the leading causes of diabetes, obesity, heart, kidney and many other ailments. Ghuman said the beverage industry is misleading policy makers at every step and creating barriers to the policy process.

He said PANAH has been working for the past 40 years to save lives, especially young people, from non-communicable diseases. “We are calling on all segments of society and policy makers to reduce the consumption of these unhealthy drinks. Higher taxes on sugary drinks have brought double benefits. Pakistan on the one hand On the other hand, the government will have more income to spend on health care activities,” he said.

U Munawar Hussain said the heavy consumption of sugary drinks is a growing threat to the country’s health and economy.

He said Pakistan ranks third in the world for diabetes, with more than 33 million people suffering from diabetes and an additional 10 million people in the country with pre-diabetes. “PIDE estimated that the cost of obesity in 2015 was Rs 428 billion. Similarly, according to the International Diabetes Federation, the annual cost of diabetes management in Pakistan will be Rs 2,640 million in 2021. increased to.”

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