“He Comes In With His Cigar, Got His Drink”: Magic Johnson Reveals Michael Jordan’s Intimidating Words in Front of Larry Bird Embarking NBA’s New Era

Several stories were attached to the iconic dream team. Prior to 1992, NBA stars were not allowed to participate in the Olympics. However, once that rule is changed, a full superteam will be assembled. Fresh out of the championship, Michael his Jordan signed up for his second experience on the world stage. Along with him came his other NBA legends such as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Charles Barkley. Amazingly, it wasn’t until they were together that the NBA officially entered his Airness territory.

Magic Johnson made the impossible possible after returning to the All-Star Game last season. Despite being infected with HIV, the five-time All-Star won his MVP honors in his game. Not surprisingly, both he and Bird joined his MJ on the Dream Team. On paper, they were a Hall of Fame team. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Johnson even said no team could beat the 1992 team. But Chuck Daly’s task is to keep this team in sync.


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They may have been legends, but each of the nine players was a star and, above all, a rival. The fire of competition lit every scrimmage. Johnson wasn’t ready to hand over the title of best player to Jordan. But his Airness subdued both Byrd and Johnson to his greatness after a gym-closing dunk.

Magic Johnson remembers when Michael Jordan became sheriff

On the All The Smoke podcast, Magic talked about his experience with the Dream Team. The Los Angeles Lakers legend discusses intense scrimmage. The 63-year-old remembered his one practice in particular. Jordan suggested an East versus West matchup. After constant back and forth, Johnson and West escaped. Johnson, who generally withheld his talk of trash, decided to unleash his airness. he threatened to blow him away. This was his big mistake. This awakened Michael his Jordan, which every team in the NBA has come to fear.

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Magic Johnson had six Finals MVPs and hit four threes in his next few possessions. I had to get up. In complete shock, Magic said Michael Jordan challenged David Robinson in the air. He beat him outright just by staying in the air and went on to score with 360 dunks.


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This practice left Johnson in shock. After practice, he and Bird sat together. Then came Jordan. Narrating the moment Magic said, “He walked in with a cigar, got a drink, and said, ‘I just want you all to know, there’s a new sheriff in town.'” said. He said it was Mr. MJ’s turn, it was Mr. Larry Bird’s turn. It’s my league now. ”

1992: Michael Jordan (left), Magic Johnson (M) and Clyde Drexler (right) sit on a bench during the Men’s Basketball Tournament at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, ​​Spain. (Photo credit: Icon Sportswire)

His Airness took the torch from Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. In the following years, Michael Jordan added five more championships to his shelf. Additionally, he cemented his position as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, players of all time. He created a culture that continues to thrive to this day with his Jordan sneakers.


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A legacy that will arguably never be touched again, Michael Jordan truly took over the NBA after his first taste of championships.

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