Have Yourself a Merry Mulled Wine Winter

Want to spike a punch? You don’t need a Brooks Wine Merry Maker gift box. You sip a warm, spicy mug of hot Riesling faster than you can sing “roasting chestnuts over an open fire.” On top of that comes his one bottle of Brooks’ flagship 2018 Janus Pinot Noir.

The Holiday Bundle is an all-Oregon collaboration between Brooks and bean-to-bar chocolate maker Woodblock, two like-minded companies that began working together during the pandemic and are now offering Bons Amis (“Best Friends”), wine and The Chocolate Tasting Room at Woodblock’s Northeast Portland Factory. Equally big in the creation of the kit is iconic Portland tea maker Stephen Smith. His Mary His Makers His Punch is the base of his mulled wine and the ingredient in his jar of accompanying chocolate.

This is how it all breaks down.

Brooks Wine 2018 Cahier Riesling

Named after the journal kept by the late Jimi Brooks, ‘cahiers’ is French for ‘notebook’. This is a medium-sweet, semi-dry white wine with notes of peach syrup, quince, ginger and baking his spices. all of that works well…

Stephen Smith Tea Merry Maker’s Punch

Call it punch, “herbal holiday infusion,” or tea. Merry Maker’s is a potpourri of hibiscus, winter warming spices (ginger, cassia, sarsaparilla root, cloves) and Jamaican sorrel drink. Blackcurrant flavor, pink rose petals, elderflower, manuka honey flavor and lemon myrtle.

One extra large sachet makes 2 cups of punch concentrate. It can be enjoyed hot as a spritz (50-50 parts with water), as well as used in the mulled wine recipe you’re about to read. Top it off with apple cider or hard liquor. This bundle also includes a Holiday Glaze recipe (for ham or other protein of your choice) by Brooks Chef Norma Buchholz with Merry Makers, Dijon Mustard and Brown Sugar.

red wine and chocolate

Woodblock’s contribution is a collaboration with Steven Smith. In a jar of chocolate enfleurage with 70% cocoa from Tanzania, the scent of Merry His Maker’s Punch infuses mendiant (if the hibiscus and spice seem more firmly anchored to the top). not necessarily).

Floral and fruity dark chocolate is meant to be paired with Brooks’ 2018 Janus, the winery’s “richest, most vibrant and intense” Pinot Noir. But first…

hot wine

You could call it punchy, but it’s a bloody purple color of hibiscus (you’ll never know white wine is involved) with spicy notes of ginger, cloves and cassia, with notes of holiday jam and cranberry. there is. You can enjoy it hot or cold. Sweeten or sweeten according to the recipe.

merry maker smuld wine

Created by Sara Kaufman of Steven Smith Teamaker.

Servings: 6


Smith Tea Maker Merry Maker’s Punch 2 bags

1 liter (4 cups) boiling water

2018 Cahier Riesling 1 Bottle

7-8 ounces simple syrup or sugar


1. Boil spring or filtered water in a pot.

2. Soak 2 sachets of Merrymaker’s Punch for 5 minutes.

3. Remove the tea bag.

4. Add the Riesling and simple syrup or sugar to the pan and simmer over low heat for 5 minutes. Be careful not to spill the alcohol!

5. Remove from oven and serve hot with an orange twist.

buy: The Merry Maker Holiday Bundle is available at: Brookswine.com or Bons Amis, 1715 NE 17th Ave., 971-754-4874. Friday 3-7 PM, Saturday 12-7 PM, Sunday 12-5 PM. $125.

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