‘Gray Area’ drinking on the rise

New Mexico (KRQE) – Alcohol consumption increases between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to a UCLA Department of Health study. Spike may not drive people to alcoholism, but it can still lead to problems.

This is called “gray area drinking”. He’s probably drinking as much as he wants. However, although it’s not causing any problems at the moment, it could. “Grey-zone drinkers can and do quit drinking. When they wake up the next morning, “I can’t keep drinking like this,” says nutritionist Jolene Park.

“I think the term falls into this gray area because it doesn’t yet meet the medical definition of alcoholism,” says Dr. Shah, chief of addiction medicine at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. . “But I think there is that risk.”

Drinking is on the rise nationwide, according to the Journal of Addiction Medicine. During the COVID lockdown, the woman’s drinking increased by more than 50% of hers. If that woman had a child under the age of five, it increased her by more than 300%.

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