Grand Jewel Cocktail Recipe From the Langham Gold Coast in Australia

Australia’s Gold Coast is a place of sand, surf and sunshine, but it’s not considered a hotbed for the finest cocktails (unless you’re into margaritas and neon daiquiris). Thankfully, The Langham Hotel Lobby Bar is playing a role in changing all that.

When The Langham Gold Coast opened in early 2022, Bar Manager Roman Devcic was dedicated to creating a signature sipper worthy of the scenery. A certain amount of sophistication was a must, but not enough to alienate the notoriously sassy Australian beachgoers. For Devchich, it’s important that the bar creates an “experience, not just a drink.” I love adding a playful element to bartending and interacting with guests. “

This is where Bubble Gun comes into play. Devchich’s take on French 75, the Grand Jewel Cocktail, combines Australian dry gin, champagne, Italian herbal liqueur, and homemade syrup with local hibiscus, all berry-infused and smoked under his bubble. “I often see our team walking the floor with Grand Jewel smoke bubble guns. It’s a real hit,” he says.

A drink that combines the sweetness of berries and hibiscus with tangy citrus and a robust Australian gin. Refreshing floral, effervescent and easy to wash off. You can reproduce it at home, but with one caveat. To truly capture its magic, you’ll need to purchase a $200+ bubble blaster. We think it’s a worthwhile investment.

Australian gin, on the other hand, is easy to secure. Gin production is booming, with great affordable gins hitting American shelves. “Our gin industry introduces the world to incredibly unique flavors and highlights our native botanicals,” says Devchich.

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